My Story


Hello, my name is Kristina. First I want to say thank you for visiting my site. Now to tell you a little bit about myself. I am a happily married mom of two boys and stepmom to two daughters. I also have three beautiful grandbabies. Born and raised in the heart of the midwest (United States)  where I am still residing with my amazing family. 


I have been following my path for almost 20 years now. How I got into Reiki? Well it all started in 2014 when I had to have my first back surgery cause I blew out a disc in my lower back. That surgery came with a lot of complications. Then in 2018 I blew the same disc out and had to have another lower back surgery. I now have had two lower back surgeries and three neck surgeries plus I am on more prescription drugs for my back and other ailments then I would like to be on.  So I decided to start learning Reiki to help my pain and hopefully get off some of these prescriptions. It has seriously help with my pain. With all these back and neck issues I am not able to work a normal job, so then I needed to figure out how to help myself and my family. So once I figured out that this must be a sign from the universe. I decided to take my love for helping people and my love for Reiki cause I personally know how well it works and combine them and that is when Energetic Sensations came to life. 


I didn’t let my love stop there. I am a big lover of animals. I personally have a fish tank with 4 Oscar fish, I have 4 ball python snakes, two bearded dragons and 3 dogs. So I decided to further my education to Animal Reiki. Our loving pets may need some pain relief or just something to help them relax. If they are rescues they may need help in trusting people again. So I wanted to be able to help them also. Our pets are a big part of our lives and we are their whole world so why not try to give them the best life that we can.


My love didn’t even stop there. I have always loved crystals and gemstones. They all have such  unique energies about them. Not to mention just the beauty alone that each different one brings. My boys have grown up with these special little tools, stomach ache grab a bloodstone, headache grab an amethyst. My all time favorite one is when my boys were younger and they would start to bicker I would make them sit on the sofa holding hands while also holding a rose quartz.I only had to do that once and from then on every time they would start to bicker I would tell them I was grabbing a rose quartz and they would instantly stop. It was great. So I decided to take my love for these precious little gems and learned Crystal Reiki and Crystal healing. 


Then the last thing I decided to do was to learn more about the Chakras, our energy centers. That way once I was able to get myself feeling better it would last longer cause I was able to heal and balance my Chakras. I wanted to be able to help people with that same balancing and healing so they too could heal themselves. 


So with that all said that is who I am and how Energetic Sensations got started. If you have any questions feel free to email me at And again thank you for checking out my website. Hope to hear from you soon. Blessed Be!

My Approach

    I am able to do a lot of different types of sessions. I can do Reiki. Reiki is a hands on energy work. You would either lay on the table or sit on a stool, and I can either do hands on or a couple inches from your body it is your choice. Then going over your body I will work to get your energy levels back in balance so your body is able to heal it's self a lot easier and you won't feel so off. I can also do Reiki from a distance so if you can't see me one on one I can still help from a distance. 

     I am able to do Crystal Reiki which then I would place a grid of gemstones under the table while doing Reiki on you at the same time. This can also be done from a distance. All the different grids will be shown under treatment section of this website. I can also do Crystal healing which is where I place crystals on you and around you to help with your energy field. Also with the gemstones I can help balance your chakras.

     We can't forget about our pets they are family too. I can do reiki sessions on our lovely pets as well.