Chakra Healing

External Crystal Merkabah Grid~ First off what is a Merkabah/ Simple terms: we have energy fields around our bodies and one of those fields is the Merkabah field. The Merkabah field affects spirit and body simultaneously. This grid activates that field. 


The Internal Crystal Chakra Grid~ With this grid it will get your chakras spinning and working better.  


The Chi Activation Procedure~ Chi is your energy in your body. This procedure is exactly what it says working with your chakras I get your Chi activated and moving through your body.


The Pendulum Procedure~  With this procedure using the pendulum to remove any negative or stuck energy and heal your chakras.    


Crystal Healing 

The Energy Unblocker Healing~ This layout clears awareness and releases blocked energy. It is useful when you are feeling unsettled for no apparent reason. With the release of stress, sensations may seem to increase before they subside.


Body and Mind Balancing Healing~ This layout provides a good everyday balance and restores a natural flow of energy.


The Chakra Balancing Healing~  This procedure can be used to recharge and balance the body’s energy centres (the chakras).


Seal of Solomon~  This healing works on activating the energy field around the body which is sometimes called the Merkabah, it is a vibrational field around the body that used to spin but for many lies dormant, it has the power once active, to protect the physical body, raise the psyche, etc etc


The Infinity Healing~  This crystal healing revives sluggish energies when we feel agitated, it can be localised to any area of the body that needs supporting to come back into health. In this instance you would group the crystals


Stress Buster Healing~  The stress buster crystal healing is good to use when you/your client feel anxious


The Spirit Lifter Healing~  The spirit lifter crystal healing can be used to give you a “feel-good factor” boost, especially if you have been feeling a bit down in the dumps.


The Reconnector Healing~  Use when your client is feeling disconnected from the world around and/or feeling a lack of connection to their spiritual selves


The Cosmic Grid~  This grid creates a powerful grid of energy around you. 


Animal Crystal Reiki

Pain Relief~  This grid helps with pain relief and helps with quick healing and physical recovery. 


Arthritis and Age Relief~  This grid helps with arthritis but it also helps with different issues that come with aging, like poor eyesight, joint stiffness, poor appetite, etc. 


Upset stomach~  This grid helps with nausea. It can also help other digestive issues. 


Tiredness and Fatigue~  This grid helps rejuvenate your pet’s physical system, reduce fatigue and energize the physical body.


Dental Problems~  This grid helps with general dental issues, like promoting healthy gums and teeth respectively.


Obesity and Weight Regulations~  This grid will help give your pet energy necessary to exercise and lose weight. It will also help your pet feel full even when on a diet, and promotes proper nutrition and energetically supports nutrition absorption.  


Stress and Anxiety~  This grid helps to reduce stress and treat stress related conditions like stomach discomfort, extreme anxiety, and separation anxiety. 


Aggression~  This grid helps with a calming influence, helping your pet to find it’s center so that aggressive behavior can subside. It also will help your pet cooperate with you and find a place of calm and harmony, along with emotional balance. 


Crystal Reiki

Regeneration~ This grid helps if you are feeling your energy is low, and depleted and in need of an infusion or recharge. 


Observe and Breathe~ This grid will help you connect with collective consciousness and your ability to co-create. 


Clarity and Peace~  This grid is for when things shake up energetically around us, this will provide you a safe and secure place to rest and rejuvenate. 


Going WIthin~  This grid is meant to help you raise your frequency so you can connect with source energy. 


Alignment~  This grid is to help focus on being rather than doing, doing that in life will ensure our actions are aligned with our higher selves.


Inspired Action~ This grid provides you with the fire you need to take action in a way that is inspired so that every effort is conscious and effective.


New Beginnings~   This grid helps so you are not afraid to jump into something new. Release what is no longer serving you and open up to drawing in what will serve you. 


Freedom~  This grid helps you cleanse and release beliefs, thoughts, and memories that are no longer serving you, in order for us to attract more of good energy we need to release the dissonance. 


Lift-off~  This grid takes you up into your higher levels of consciousness, to help you let go of something, or get a message that you have been missing, etc. 


Fertility~  This grid will help with you being positive about having a baby so in the long run it could help with fertility.


Financial Abundance~  This grid will help you with receiving some financial abundance.


Headaches~  This grid will help with getting rid of those pesky headaches. 


Career~  This grid will help you find your career. 


Health~  This grid will help with overall health.


Releasing Depression~  This grid will help with releasing depression.


Romantic Love~  This grid will help with your love life so you can hopefully find the love of your life.


Releasing Trauma~  This grid will help you get over something traumatic that has affected your everyday life. 


Healthy Weight~  This grid will help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Whether that is gaining or losing weight. 


Increasing Consciousness~ This grid is to help you with increasing your consciousness so you can pay closer attention to the things that are happening around you. 


Empath~  This grid is to help empaths deal with everything they soak in and help with giving them a harder outer shell.


Creativity~  This grid will help get your creative juices flowing. 


Clearing and Releasing~  This grid helps clear negative energy and release it.


Fresh Start~  This grid helps you get a fresh start. 


Productivity~  This grid will help with getting your productivity up so you can get your projects done. 


Success and Abundance~  This grid will help you have an abundance of success. 


Sweet Dreams~   This grid will help you get peaceful sleep. 


Seeking Clarity~  This grid will help you find clarity.


Negative Energy Clearing~ This grid will help with getting negative energy away from you. 


Children’s Crystal Grids:


General Healing~  This grid will help your child with general healing.


ADHD~  This grid will help your child with ADHD relax and be focused


Sleeping Aid~  This grid will help your child if they are having issues sleeping.


Low Self-esteem~  This grid will help your child have better self-esteem. 


Stress/ Anxiety~  This grid will help your child deal better with stress and anxiety.


Negativity/ Grounding~  This grid will help your child get rid of negativity and help them ground their energy. 


Sensitivity/ Overwhelmed~  This grid will help your child with sensitivity issues and keep them from getting so overwhelmed.


Hyperactivity~  This grid will help your child to relax.


Courage~  This grid will help your child to have more courage.


Fears~  This grid will help your child with their fears.


Protection~  This grid will protect your child. 

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